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Smart city concept is the most rational way to provide local services offered by taxpayer institutions by providing citizen-oriented services more accessible, less costly and faster. The first step is to make the big data obtained from city information systems, transportation systems, health and education systems available for the purpose of facilitating the lives of the citizens. The importance of the systems to be established makes life easier, as well as the approach of the companies from which companies supply these systems. The past public experience of our founding staff, despite being a new company, takes us one step ahead. As a company, the value we give to our employees in the first place ensures that the product produced by our employees is of high quality and world standard. We have begun to work with a brand new formation because we are regretted that the morality of telling the truth is no longer leaving its place to act with capitalist thoughts, regardless of the value of the employees, the respect of the employees and the customers, which many companies are rapidly growing and developing.


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